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What is shmux?

Sample shmux output

shmux is program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel. For each target, a child process is spawned by shmux, and a shell on the target obtained one of the supported methods: rsh, ssh, or sh. The output produced by the children is received by shmux and either (optionally) output in turn to the user using an easy to read format, or written to files for later processing making it well suited for use in scripts.

For more details, check out the shmux(1) manual page. The example shown on this page is also a good illustration of some of shmux's capabilities and is dissected frame by frame for your convenience.

To take full advantage of shmux you will need to have fping installed.

Feature Highlights

shmux solves a fairly simple problem that can be addressed with a few lines of shell or Perl. This may lead you to think that using shmux is total overkill, but shmux is a powerful tool that offers many time and life saving features, so read on!


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